Limited edition, ethically made yoga straps that convert from stretching to carry strap.

Convertable yoga strap shown assisting with side leg stretch

Wherever you yoga.

Getting there shouldn't be stressful.

Keep your carbon footprint light. Convert your backpack into a yoga mat carrier bag. 

Flexible Design

Easily carry your yoga mat on your bike, on your backpack, or on your shoulder. 

sketch of Feelix yoga strap holding mat on a backpack
Loop the Loop

Perfect for the adventurers with things to carry.

sketch of Feelix yoga strap holding mat
Over the Shoulder

Perfect for the studio yogi.

sketch of Feelix yoga strap on bike
Ready to Ride

Perfect for the cyclists who like to travel light.

Inspired by Summer

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Weather Tested

Tested for strength and resistance against everyday wear and all types of weather.

Yogi Tested

Tested by yoga students and teachers in class and personal practice.

Travel Tested

Tested on bicycles, trains, trams, buses, planes, motorbikes and cars, by yogis with places to be.

Australian Made

Proudly Australian made and owned. A female founded small business.

Award Winning!

 Muse International Design Awards silver award winner for new Health and Fitness products in 2021.