Where will you take your yoga?

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Adventures Await

One strap - Three ways

Loop the Loop

Perfect for the adventurers with things to carry.

Over the Shoulder

Perfect for the studio yogi.

Ready to Ride

Perfect for the cyclists who like to travel light.

Yogi Tested - Yogi Approved

Yoga Child's Pose


"Oh, that is beautiful!!!"

Handcrafted in Limited Numbers 

A new way of carrying your mat. Whether you practice in a studio or on top of a mountain.


Easily carry your mat on your bike, on your backpack, or on your shoulder. 

Turn any backpack into a yoga mat carry bag without forfeiting precious space inside, so you can still carry all your gear. 


Designed and made in Melbourne with over three years of development and refining by local yoga teacher, founder and creator Jen. 

The strap has been tested by yogi students and teachers, on city streets, through international airports and on busy public transport commutes (well busy pre-covid, PT is pretty empty now, at least in Melbourne). 

The Feelix Yoga strap will get your yoga mat to practice however you travel.

Exclusive to 108 Yoga Road, because having a website for just a yoga strap seemed weird and shortsighted.  

Check out the blog to learn more about development so far. Be sure to sign up so you don't miss the launch updates. 

Sustainably Sourced

From local and renewable resources.

Ethically Made

Handcrafted in Melbourne
by skilled artisans.

Responsible Design

Endurance tested,
designed to last.

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Melbourne, Australia

Aboriginal people of Australia are part of the oldest continuous living culture in history. I acknowledge it is their land I am fortunate to work and play on.