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The only yoga strap you'll ever need.

 A carry and stretching strap in one. Never forget your props, or struggle to reach a pose again.
Convertable yoga strap shown assisting with side leg stretch


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Responsibly made yoga products that you can feel good about using.

Designed and tested by yoga teachers and students.

friends with yoga mats carried over their shoulders
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Sick of carrying your mat under your arm?

Lose the chicken wing and travel hands-free.

The eco-friendly Feelix Yoga Strap will be right by your side, when you need that tiny bit more length to reach your bind, or touch your toes.

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"So simple, yet so creative and pragmatically useful."

Change how you get to yoga. 

Reduce the amount of stuff in your cupboards. Don't buy a yoga mat backpack. Make one, using the wooden lock to attach your mat to your existing bag.
stop motion animation of threading sequence for yoga strap on a backpack