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Yoga straps to stretch with.

Discover new ways to get out of your head and into your body. 

Designed, tested and loved by yoga teachers and students.
Convertable yoga strap shown assisting with side leg stretch

A Commitment to Authenticity and Sustainability

Local materials.

Low carbon footprint.

Lifetime guarantee.

Our straps are designed to last.

No sweat shops.

Proudly Australian made. 

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Converts to mat carry strap

Our signature 2-in-1 strap Feelix doubles as a yoga mat carry strap.

The modern take on the classic yoga strap, our original design, can be used to create a yoga sling, yoga mat carry bag, or even to carry your mat on your bike!

Exclusive to 108 Yoga Road.

stop motion animation of threading sequence for yoga strap on a backpack

How to use a yoga strap

Yoga straps are incredibly versatile yoga props, offering additional length and support while helping you to become stronger and more flexible.

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Hi, I'm Jen

I'm a yoga teacher from Melbourne, Australia. I struggled to carry my mat while cycling to classes so I re-designed the humble yoga strap to create a versatile carry strap. Next I set about designing an eco-friendly yogi-values led business to share it with you, because good design shouldn't compromise the planet. Plus now, I never have to worry about not reaching a pose again as I always have it with me. 

PS. If you have any questions it's me behind the chat bot. ;) 

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