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The Promise

Sustainability, style and good design are core to 108 Yoga Road business practices.

The highest quality materials from local suppliers have been used to ensure your strap will last for years. 

So much so, we offer a 2 year guarantee with free repairs. 

If you don't like the strap or it no longer meet your needs, return it. We'll ensure it is re-homed somewhere it can be loved and appreciated. See Terms and Conditions for full details regarding refunds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it work with any mat?

Just about! :)
If you're feet don't slip when you're practicing then you should be fine. If your mat needs water to make it sticky you may struggle. The strap relies on the grip of your mat to keep it in place, if you have a really shiny mat it may slip. For cork mats it's recommended to roll them sticky side out if you plan on carrying them vertically.

How do I change the length?

If you like to keep things simple you can fix a length in place and not think about it again. Adjust the lock closer to the tail to lengthen, or closer to the middle to shorten. When you have your perfect length you can create a knot under the lock (tucking the tail around the strap and under itself) for extra security. You can still get your mat in and out because you loosen the strap with the loop ;).

What if my bag doesn't have a handle?

You can still use the strap. To thread you start at the top of the mat with the closed loop, wrap the tail around the bag straps, then back under the first loop. The lock is then secured at the bottom of the mat.
This design relies on the bag being worn to push the strp up to hold it in place.
(animation coming soon)

My mat is slipping what have I done wrong?

Over the Shoulder - If your mat is slipping when you have it thrown over your shoulder, flip it around so the lock is closer to the ground, pulling everything in even tighter ;) Loop the Loop -
Be sure your mat is rolled nice and tight so the middle doesn't fall out like an ice cream cone. General -
Check you have the sticky side of your mat facing out. The strap relies on the grippiness of your mat to stay in place.

You can also add a knot under the Lock for extra security if you have a particually heavy mat.

How do I care for my strap?

The strap is designed to last. If it needs a bit of a freshen up, the wood can be cleaned with a pencil earaser to remove any ditry finger prints. For the strap itself, take the lock off and it can go straight in the washing machine on a cold cycle.

Note, because the wood is a natural material it will change colour over time or if exposed to the elements.

I'm really tall - will it work for me?

The strap is designed for people of medium height. If you're 6ft plus and want to use the strap as a sling over your body you'll probably find this too short. Email me and I'll customise the length for you. Bonus benefit of being handmade ;).

Can I use the strap for Yin?

Yes, we should all do more Yin! Expect to see videos soon on how the strap can be used to support your poses both with and without the lock.
See note above if you're tall about adding some extra length you'll want it for supported head pose. ;)

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