How it works

The patented wooden lock pulls the strap against itself to close creating a locking mechanism that keeps your mat secure while you're carrying it. 

The lock can be removed and added as needed for Yin stretches. 

Feelix Yoga Strap - on backpack

Loop the Loop

Use the Feelix Yoga Strap to attach your mat to the outside of a backpack without compromising on space inside the pack!


The mat sits vertically, ensuring the weight is evenly distributed, making it easy to carry. 


Once in place, the mat can be lifted to get into your bag at any time. 

Not sure which is right for you?
Find your guiding mantra and perfect strap configuration

Made from sustainably forested ply and local materials.

The Feelix Lock features three slots and a notch, allowing you to customise your strap length and secure it in place to carry your mat.

Locally carved and finished by hand in Melbourne Australia 


Handcrafted in Limited Numbers 

I spent years hacking DIY solutions together, trying to find an easy way to carry a yoga mat on a bike. 

One of my more dangerous attempts included strapping my mat to the handlebars which blocked access to the brakes...!

I realised there was a real need for a strap that didn't fall off your shoulder or under your arm so you can safely cycle. This is it. 

Jen Paynter, Founder Creator

The Promise

Sustainability, style and substance are core to 108 Yoga Road business practices.

The highest quality materials from local suppliers have been used to ensure your strap will last for years. 

So much so, we offer a 2 year guarantee with free repairs. 

If you don't like the strap or it no longer meet your needs, return it. We'll ensure it is re-homed somewhere it can be loved and appreciated. See Terms and Conditions for full details regarding refunds.

Proudly Australian Designed and Made

A new way of carrying your mat. 

Easily carry your mat on your bike, on your backpack, or on your shoulder. 

Turn any backpack into a yoga mat carry bag without forfeiting precious space inside, so you can still carry all your gear. 

Designed and made in Melbourne and refined over over three years of development by local yoga teacher, founder and creator Jen. 

The strap has been tested by yogis on city streets, through international airports and on busy public transport commutes (well busy pre-covid, PT is pretty empty now, at least in Melbourne). 

I'm sure you're going to love it.

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