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yoga mat with feelix carry strap

Yoga Strap

The 108 Yoga Strap promises to make carrying your mat easier and improve your practice. Named Feelix because it's kind of threaded like a helix (but not) and the feelings.

A carry and stretching strap in one. Even waking up for the 6am class will feel like a possibility.

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More than just a way to carry your mat.

The Feelix Yoga Strap, offers the full functionality of a classic yoga belt without the inconvenience of breakable plastic buckle or skin-snagging D-rings.

Always have your props to hand, the double-duty nature of the strap means one less thing to remember. 

Use the strap to find your best alignment and prevent injury. 

"So simple, yet so creative and pragmatically useful."

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Each Feelix strap is one-of-a-kind. All straps are handmade in Australia from local materials. 

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The perfect yoga gift for the yogi in your life

Customise your strap with laser etching. Have your favourite yogis' name laser etched onto the wooden lock for a truly unique present that will last a lifetime. 

P.S. Gentle reminder to add yourself to your favourite people list if you're not already. 

Need custom art or a studio set? Reach out

Still not sure?

See how the strap compares with yoga belts and other carry straps.

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