Learn to thread your Feelix Yoga Strap and prepare to take your practice to new places. 

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threading sequence to assemble yoga strap for use.

Set up Strap

  1. Thread tail through  the little loop (this is your closed loop *a*).

  2. Thread tail through lock, starting from top, down through slot 1.

  3. Thread up through slot 2, leave a loop underneath (this becomes your flexible loop *b*).

  4. Thread down through slot 3.


Threading Tips


#Strap Hacks

Find your true North. Think of the lock like an arrow with the point facing up  when you thread.

If you're left handed flip the lock so the single slot (1) is to the right for easier threading. 

To remember which slot is which, one is always by itself no matter which way you flip, and two is in the middle. 

Mat slipping? Roll it sticky side out for extra grip. 

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