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Support a female-founded independent Australian start-up trying to encourage sustainable shopping with long-lasting responsibly made yoga straps. 

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108 Yoga Road is a female run, independent company founded on the ancient Yama principles of Pantajali, specialising in a yoga mat carry strap, hand-made in Melbourne. It is yogi tested, yogi approved. The Feelix Yoga Strap launched on Kickstarter on 10 June 2021 and is the first strap of its kind to provide the full functionality of a yin stretching strap with a carry strap. The Kickstarter campaign made it over half way but was ultimately unsuccessful. The campaign re-launched on women led start-up crowdfunding platform Lift Women and was not only the first ever campaign but the first successful campaign!  

The Pitch

Travel effortlessly to places you need to be with your mat kept secure. The intricate lock and smooth, firm strap can be used in multiple configurations to suit your mode of transport. While the removable locking system allows you to use the strap for all your yin stretches. 

The Backstory

Jen first came up with the idea for Feelix in 2018 when trying to carry her mat and her backpack while cycling. There were over 100 prototypes before the first design made it into the hands of yogis for official testing. A couple of tweaks were made to improve the durability and usability in 2020 before launching late 2021. 

Fun Figures  

  • 14 days the locks were left outside exposed to the elements of Melbourne weather (ie everything!) for testing. 

  • 2+ years of development to launch

  • 100+ prototypes designed

  • 1,000+ hours yoga experience held by the small team of yogi testers 

  • 20,000km'ish of travel through 4 international airports, on planes, buses, a boat, taxi/uber, scooters, public transport, bicycle, trains was undertaken - before the prototype was shared with the official testing team.  

  • 100,000 goal for number of followers on social media - kidding. I just want the people who love yoga and are seeking a beautiful ethical yoga strap, or people who have things they need to carry and are looking for a new way to do so.

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