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Three ways to use your Feelix Yoga Strap to carry your mat

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Carrying a yoga mat has to be right up there with first world problems and minor inconveniences that just drive you... to well, to need more yoga... You don't have to practice on an old stinky communal gym mat to appreciate the luxury of your own mat. Especially if you faceplant as often as I do!

The yoga mat carry strap that answers the question why isn't there an easy way to carry a yoga mat?

Feelix was designed out of a love for responsible consumption. Why have two straps, one to carry, one to stretch when one (well designed one) would do? The following list shows just some of the ways the Feelix Yoga mat carry strap can be configured to enhance your yoga experience. Because getting to practice shouldn't be the hard part!

Yoga mat attached to backpack using Feelix Yoga Strap

On your bag

This has to be one of the best features of the strap. Instead of putting your mat in your bag, put it on your bag. Huge difference. Attach your mat to your backpack without compromising on space inside the pack! Carry everything you need with ease. To get to your belongings just lift the mat. Forget your bag falling open like a gapping mouth with zippers that don't close. The only gapping you'll see are the dropped jaws of everyone who wishes they had your strap!

bicycle with yoga mat attached to frame using yoga strap

On your bike

If you've ever ridden a bike carrying a yoga mat you'll know what a risky endeavor it can be. Concentrate on the driver not using their mirrors, instead of whether your mat just snuck under your armpit on the last turn.

Attach a travel mat directly to your bike frame (using the strap) keeping it out the way so you don’t have to think about it.

yoga mat with Feelix carry strap showing unique wooden lock

On your shoulder

It wouldn't be a great yoga mat carry strap if you couldn't just pick it up and throw it over your shoulder. Ever sent a jumbled text while carrying a yoga mat? Stop sending auto-correct apologies. Carry your mat hands-free instead. This comfortable configuration makes it easy. Bonus because it's adjustable you can alter the length to suit, where you like cross body or one shoulder. If your practice is a strictly at home affair, this setup will stop your mat from unrolling under the couch!

Head to the store to buy your Feelix Yoga Strap today. Each strap is made in limited numbers by hand from local materials. Released in 2021 it won Silver in the Muse international product design awards. You can read about it here.

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