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Why you should ditch your New Year's Resolutions

Updated: Jan 2

girl in cardigan holding sparkler by the beach

Image credit: Morgan Sessions (Unsplash)

The tricky thing about new year's resolutions -

They’re about Future You, not Present You. The you that is in the Now the one reading this post.

Resolutions often start with “I’m going to”, “I will”. How we’re each going to be better, skinnier, stronger, smarter. They don’t start with “I am”. That future we're aiming for the one in which our lives will be better, it doesn't exist, yet.

Start where you are

Yogi’s are often called to set an intention for their practice as they get on their mats.

Practising yogis often refer to their life into two parts, when they are ‘on’ and ‘off’ the mat. When they are on they may be actively participating in a class or meditating. Off they tend to be going about a normal day, the same as anyone else.