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Feelix Yoga Strap Takes the Victory in Season 2 of the 2021 MUSE Design Awards


Taking in 4876 entries from all over the world in both the MUSE Creative Awards and the MUSE Design Awards, the competition has demonstrated itself to be one of the leading programs in honoring excellent individuals in the creative and design fields.

Feelix Yoga Strap takes the Silver award in the design competition for health and fitness category, with the winning work created by Jennifer Paynter founder of 108 Yoga Road. “I’m so excited to have my responsibly designed yoga strap recognized for design excellence. It’s incredible that there are so many unethical and unsustainable products available in the yoga industry. My goal is to change that, starting with the Feelix Yoga Strap. This award is great recognition that I’m on the right track!

New products need to serve a function as well as being environmentally responsible and beautiful. I’ve consciously chosen to use sustainably grown wood which makes every strap one-of-a-kind as well as providing a superior finish. To put simply, it feels nice and it looks pretty. When you’re sinking into a yin pose you want to relax, not worry that the plastic buckle is about to give out!

I initially started designing the strap purely so I could carry my mat and bac