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Feelix Yoga Strap Takes the Victory in Season 2 of the 2021 MUSE Design Awards


Taking in 4876 entries from all over the world in both the MUSE Creative Awards and the MUSE Design Awards, the competition has demonstrated itself to be one of the leading programs in honoring excellent individuals in the creative and design fields.

Feelix Yoga Strap takes the Silver award in the design competition for health and fitness category, with the winning work created by Jennifer Paynter founder of 108 Yoga Road. “I’m so excited to have my responsibly designed yoga strap recognized for design excellence. It’s incredible that there are so many unethical and unsustainable products available in the yoga industry. My goal is to change that, starting with the Feelix Yoga Strap. This award is great recognition that I’m on the right track!

New products need to serve a function as well as being environmentally responsible and beautiful. I’ve consciously chosen to use sustainably grown wood which makes every strap one-of-a-kind as well as providing a superior finish. To put simply, it feels nice and it looks pretty. When you’re sinking into a yin pose you want to relax, not worry that the plastic buckle is about to give out!

I initially started designing the strap purely so I could carry my mat and backpack while cycling to the studio. Part way through the process it struck me that you get to class you use another strap -consumerism at its worst. I figured if I’m going to make an ethical product it needs to be worth the investment so set about completely changing my design to give it the flexibility to do both, by creating a removable lock that can be adjusted into as many configurations as you need.” Yogi and designer behind the strap Jen Paynter said.

The Awards Process

The awards programs created by the International Awards Associate (IAA) stay true to their objective of honoring professionals in both creative and design spaces, promoting the entrants’ excellent works in spite of the changing times wrought by the pandemic. “Evidently, the new normal has brought about changes to how people operate in the world” said Kenjo Ong, CEO of IAA. “Despite the challenges, these individuals have shown remarkable tenacity in their continued excellence, wis clearly demonstrated in their works.”

IAA upholds impartiality by enacting strict assessment criteria and organizing a jury made up of industry professionals, who are living examples of excellence themselves. The jury then selects individuals whose works distinguishes themselves, in hopes that these people would then set new benchmarks in their fields.

The Jury and Evaluation Process

With as many as 46 jurors onboarding from 25 countries, the awards ensures that a diverse panel of qualified professionals are adjudicating the competition. These individuals can be found working under leading companies from the creative and design industries.

Every entry is assessed based on relevant standards pertaining to their respective industries in order to ensure impartiality. Further, blind judging is exercised, as such jurors are only able to assess each entry purely on its own merits.

Participation of International Brands

With the world’s attention affixed on the competitions, the MUSE Creative and Design Awards received entries from distinguished companies such as McAfee Brand and DX Team, Groove Jones, MIKADO International, Baston, 4129Grey Advertising Agency, Mercurio Design Lab S.r.l., TANSEISHA Co., Ltd., Polestar, Hany Saad Innovations, ReScan, and ShenZhen Lingyun creative packaging design Co., Ltd.

“It’s such a thrill to be chosen amongst these huge brands as a solopreneur it’s a huge task getting a business off the ground. To be recognized on such a competitive playing field is massive.” Paynter said.

There were also submissions from entrants who produced work for other famous organizations, such as Verizon, Silks Hotel Group, Advance Auto Parts, IKEA, IBM, Michelin, GT America, GEMDALE, Midea Real Estate Group Co., SHIMAO GROUP, Colgate Palmolive, Calpis, Vista Alegre, and Hines.

“With our platform poised to support a burgeoning industry of creative and design professionals, we remain optimistic in the potential of these industries,” Kenjo said. “The team in IAA bears witness to the professionalism and excellence displayed by these individuals who persevere in spite of recent hardships. We will continue to endure and uphold this platform for those who need it, and in turn, we hope to see these talents rise in fame and glory.”

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