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Have you thought about how things are designed and made?

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Problem Solving

I hadn't. Until I decided to solve a problem. I needed a way to carry my yoga mat while travelling by bike.

This is my solution, a flexible carry strap. One that lets you carry your yoga mat over your shoulder, or on your bag and doubles as a stretching strap when you get to class.

I spoke to multiple experts about my idea. Who immediately suggested mass production offshore. Something that doesn't align with any of my values. So I've gone it alone to the Frank Sinatra theme song of stubborn people everywhere "I'll do it my way".


The Feelix Yoga Strap ethically made in Australia with sustainably sourced local materials.

A strap you can hang your mat off your backpack. Use as a normal carry sling. Or as a stretching strap*.

Then a funny thing happened, the people I was working with putting this video together for the Kickstarter campaign saw other uses, to solve their own problems carrying skates, a tripod, a picnic blanket.

*Reach out by email or socials if you're over 6ft tall and practice Yin. If want to do 'head in a sling' or 'head hammock', I'll give you a bit of extra length. You can do that when they're all hand made to order. :) Available now on Kickstarter

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