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Locally Made - Limited Edition

yoga mat with sand coloured Feelix yoga strap holding closed, shown next to plant and Australian Made and Owned logo

Australian Made Week is coming up so I thought I’d share why I choose to buy Australian materials and make locally.

In Australia we have minimum wages. Our unions mandate that breaks are required, that manufacturing workshop floors be ventilated and include things like emergency exit points, and fire wardens. It also means I can check in on production quality and provide opportunities for local workers and other small businesses.

With this I can put a guarantee on quality, so you know that your yoga strap will last, and if it doesn’t. I’ll fix or replace it. Because it should.

It’s time we turned away from mass production. It’s not a sustainable or responsible business design. Already we use more than one year worth of the world’s resources before a year is up. The Earth Year as it’s called is shrinking and means the planet can’t replace what we consume. To put simply we’re in credit with the environment and the debt is being called in by means of climate change. Fires, floods, rising temperatures.

Each purchasing decision has consequences and they add up.

For example. If you buy a cheap t-shirt, made with cheap labour, it needs to be made as fast as possible. To keep the price, low quality fabrics are used. These aren’t woven as tightly, which makes your garment looser and more likely to stretch out of shape and become saggy or, it may be put together with threads that are shorter, so they pill as the ends wiggle their way out of the weave as you wash it.