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Meditation for those that can't sit still

I didn't actually realise how often I move until the great never ending video conference call of 2021. For those of us working from home. Hours would drift by staring at people you may have once known on a screen. Everyone's heads would stay completely still for an hour while mine would bop up-and-down every 10 to 20minutes while I move from sitting on one foot to another to neither. I now need to work out how to clean a footprint off the wall...

There's this curious misconception that you have to be still and empty, or clear, your mind to meditate.

Only you don't have to. You can move and meditate.

Aside from the personal observation of the video calls. I've had two instances recently where my inability to be still has presented a source of amusement for others.

One was with an Osteopath. She's working away manipulating muscles and got the giggles. Apparently my muscles were playing opposites. Instead of relaxing when they were still they were happiest moving. The other was with a photographer. Last week we tried to get a decent headshot.

I'd briefed him I wasn't great at pictures but I was great at moving any which way I was told. We really tried. I followed all the directions perfectly a chin tilt a shoulder roll all made for terrible pictures. It wasn't until I saw the images on the screen and laughed at how bad it was. Think entire body reeling back in horror and embarrassment. He caught the laugh, head thrown back, pony tail dancing, mouth wide open - the perfect headshot. One that looks like me - full flight.

So what does a moving meditation look like?

Meditation is a surprisingly challenging concept to explain. Your thoughts will always be there. However you allow them to drift past as they come up. It's a process of noticing with out giving any attention. It's not something you have to be still to do.

That bit of life where you feel in the 'zone' or in full 'flow' or just straight up connected and focused with what you're doing that the time vanishes. I'm not talking social media time vortex - but an active doing. That is a state of meditation.

Moving is a great way to bring your awareness to a single thing. Not thinking just doing.

Don't have an all consuming hobby? Try a walking meditation. Get out.

Get moving. Take that mindfulness on the road, the path, the beaten track. Join me for a five day walking meditation challenge. Five minutes a day for five days. Sign up here.

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