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Meditation Myths - Busted

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

What you thought you knew about meditation might be wrong. OK so wrong is a bit harsh. There’s always two sides to every story if you identify one as right and the other as wrong you miss the bit in the middle which is more likely the truth.

Common misconceptions

  1. You have to sit still

  2. You have to close your eyes

  3. You have to empty your mind

girl meditating by beach in a traditional pose

Image Credit: Chelsea Gates (Unsplash)


Find your truth

Who are you and what matters to you?

It’s a big question. Can you answer it without hesitation?

Meditation is one way to find the answer. Bonus, it also gives your mind and your body a little rest while you make a decision to pause.

Is there a right way to meditate?