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Onward and Upwards - the Start-Up for Start-Ups

NEWS REPORT Women Helping Women

In the start-up space the stats for women aren’t great. Most funded projects are started by men and funded by men.

The Lift Women team is working to change that with their female founder crowdsourcing platform.

Solopreneur Jen Paynter, the creative yogi behind the Feelix Yoga Strap is proud to be the first project on the platform.

Coming straight off the back of a failed kickstarter campaign she was optimistic about reaching her funding goal with Lift Women.

“On Kickstarter I was competing with 44,000 projects, there are lots of games, gimmicky tools and products. My project was page 80 or something equally invisible.

Coming over to Lift Women I’m with a much cosier group of projects. The space feels more personal. There’s more visibility of the creators themselves and their processes.

I’m thrilled my flexible yoga carry and stretching straps are almost 80% funded with two w