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The perfect Valentine's gift for the yogi in your life?

Updated: Feb 10, 2023


Give love when you give a 108 Yoga Road yoga strap to a loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Looking for an original and unique gift for the yogi in your life this Valentine's?

As the 1960s hit song declares: “What the World needs now, is love, sweet love.” The World always needs love of course, and definitely right now.

So, if nothing else, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to give love.

"Yoga means union, what better union is there than one filled with love?" according to Feelix Yoga strap creator and founder of 108 Yoga Road, Jen Paynter. “In yoga, we learn to love others and ourselves with an open heart. When we open our hearts physically in yoga, it can be exhilarating. We spend so much of our days closed and leaning forward, opening the chest and heart can create a rush and are great to get you moving in the morning.”

The Feelix Yoga strap can be used in a yoga practice to open the heart metaphorically and create the space for love. With the added bonus that the same strap can be used to carry your mat or keep it safely rolled under the couch.

“When you give the gift of a yoga strap this Valentine’s Day, you give your loved one the ability to open their heart, find love within themselves and open their hearts to give and receive love,” Jen says.

Heart-Opening Poses with the Strap

The yoga strap can be used to support your practice creating more space through the chest in poses like Bow Pose (Dhanurasana) and Camel (Ustrasana) when you can’t reach your feet with your hands, use the strap to enjoy the benefits of the full pose. An Instagram favourite heart opener you may recognise is Dancer (Natarajasana), balancing on one leg the other to the sky overhead. (Need more inspo? You can find our top four heart openers here).

Side bend with twist. Lift your heart to the sky by adding a rotation to your side bend and open your heart and your shoulders. A great stretch to do if you find yourself stuck working behind a desk.

Four more reasons why the Feelix Yoga strap is exactly what the yogi in your life needs

  1. Custom Products are handmade in limited numbers. Your loved one’s name can be laser-etched onto the wooden widget, a single rose, or perhaps just the word ‘LOVE’.

  2. Unique Like your loved one, this Yoga strap is one-of-a-kind. It has a patented design lock that allows you to carry your Yoga mat in three different ways – on your bike, on your backpack, or on your shoulder.

  3. Sustainable Like love, the Feelix Yoga strap has longevity and looks after the World. The strap is responsibly and well-made from renewable resources.

  4. Supports Small Business Proudly Australian-made in a female-founded small business, the strap was invented and created by a yogi and yoga teacher.

PS. Follow on socials for your chance to win the rose coloured strap shown above. To enter sign up here, add your social handle in the message box and tag us in a post sharing your favourite heart opening pose. Get a bonus entry if you tag a friend. Winner announced on Valentine's Day!


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