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Seal your Sankalpa

You've gone through the internal searching found who you want to be. Worked out what your sankalpa is, your raison d'etre what that one line might look like "I am...".

Now you just need to lock it in ditch the self doubt. Become that person with your whole being and fully embrace it.

So you've set your intention. Now what?

If you're not there yet, jump back a post for sankalpa tips coming into 2021.

There are ceremonies and rituals for releasing things writing them on pages, setting them alight. But what about the things we want to protect or keep?

Back in the days when letter writing, of the pen and paper variety, was a means of communicating, you might have sealed your letter to someone special with a kiss and a splash of fragrance to make sure it arrived safely.

If you were nobility that seal might have been a blob of candle wax, to keep the messenger from taking a peak. A means of protecting the contents and keeping it safe for the recipient.

Pharaohs tombs were sealed with protectors at the gates, houses and churches are built with gargoyles on the eves to keep evil away. There was even a myth that encouraged you to seal ideas in registered envelopes and send them to yourself, in case someone took them at a later date, you then had proof that they were yours first. It's a bit of a theme. Seal something to keep it safe.

How do you seal a sankalpa?

Sealing an intent to etch it deep within your being it doesn't hurt to ask for a bit of help.