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Small Business Awards - AusPost Local Hero WIN

Updated: Sep 30, 2023


Founder and yogi Jen Paynter with her original yoga straps
Founder of 108 Yoga Road and yogi Jen Paynter

What's one thing superheroes and yogis have in common? Lycra tights!

And now, for small business 108 Yoga Road they also share the title of Hero, with recent win of the Australia Post Local Business Heroes Award. Last month Australia Post gave the “stamp of approval” (sorry not sorry) to 108 Yoga Road, rewarding the business with a ‘Heroes Package’ worth more than $5,000.

108 Yoga Road is one of 100 small businesses to receive the package in 2023, chosen from a rumoured 4,000 entries.

Australia Post Local Business Heroes is an initiative to recognise, support and celebrate small businesses for their contribution to local communities. “Small businesses are the backbone of metro and regional communities all around the country. Through the Local Business Heroes program, we’re helping small businesses promote their business, streamline and save on sending packages, stay connected with their customers and take their business to the next level.”

Each local business hero can tailor their own Heroes package by choosing from a range of options. 108 Yoga Road founder Jen Paynter, says she is excited 108 Yoga Road has been dubbed a local hero. “Australia Post is an institution - to be recognised by them and have their support as part of the prize package is huge.”

“It will allow us to let people know about the ethical yoga products we create and sell, including our one-of-a-kind yoga straps that convert from carry to stretching strap, and the community tv show we're working on with yoga teachers from around the world.”

“I’m so grateful to Australia Post for supporting small business in Australia, and am honoured to be recognised alongside so many other incredible businesses."

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