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What to Expect in a Beginners Yoga Class

Trying something new is always daunting; that’s the nature of being a beginner! Walking into a beginners yoga class can feel intimidating, so we’ve broken it down and compiled all you need to know, and what to expect, for your first yoga class. Let’s help you feel a little less anxious, and a lot more excited!

What exactly is yoga?

Yoga is more than a workout, it’s more than the poses and stretches which benefit your body. Yoga is the practice of enhancing the connection to your breath, your body, and your mind. It’ll leave you feeling peaceful and light, more connected to yourself, and craving more!

During class you may find you do a mix of breath work (pranayama), poses (asana) and meditation (savasana) to close.

I'm confused you're instructing me to breathe?

It can feel funny when you first do breathing exercises, to focus on something you've naturally done your entire life without any thought. There are a variety of ways to practice pranayama in which you control the rate and frequency of your breath, in turn lowering your blood pressure and stress levels. A single pranayama practice can regulate and calm your nervous system!

Simple techniques you learn in class can take you from a stressed fight or flight response, to a calm restful state; which is pretty magical in our opinion.

I don’t know any of the poses.

Don’t be scared to tell the teacher you are new to yoga. Any yoga teacher worth their weight in yoga blocks will go out of their way to put you at ease. They will explain the poses in detail, breaking down each movement and proper alignment. If you get stuck, take a peak to see what the yoga teacher is demonstrating, or give them a little wave to ask for clarification.

I’m worried I’ll feel embarrassed or self-conscious.

Yoga is an individual practice. As we mentioned, so try to think of it less as a strict workout and more as an instructor inspired class. The teacher is there to give you options and flows which feel good, but ultimately, you get to decide how to move your body. You can pick and choose which poses to try and which to skip. Other students in the class will be too concerned with their own practice to give two hoots what you’re doing on your mat; remember this if you feel silly or embarrassed you aren’t a human pretzel yet. Everyone starts somewhere.

What about the props available to use?

Repeat after us: props are my best friend.

Using blocks, straps, and bolsters will enhance your practice by making the poses easier. Props help you keep proper alignment when you don’t yet have the flexibility or strength for the traditional shape of a pose. You don’t have to strain and risk injury to touch your toes, or sit cross legged if your hips are too tight; use straps to reach your toes and blocks to raise the ground to you! Our Feelix Yoga Strap is the perfect companion to your practice; there are so many ways to use our yoga strap to help you get in and out of poses!

Walking into your first beginners yoga class will always feel a little scary, but remember this big step outside your comfort zone will be rewarded with a stronger, healthier body, and a calm and stable mind. So smile, relax, and enjoy! Oh and that last bit savasana, the meditation is a little lie down at the end of class.

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