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Yoga in the Wild

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

With studios closed and nowhere to go, I found myself reconnecting with nature.

Image Credit: Fereshteh Azadi- unsplash

Part way through what some are saying is the longest lockdown in the world, I transformed my craft cupboard, a couple of chairs, a roller-blind and a plank of wood into an animation studio.

It sounds like the set up for a joke and it might have been.

Throw in a tripod, install a stop motion app and I was off and running with getting instructional videos for the Feelix Yoga Strap underway. As you do.

There was just one problem. It took up space. Rather a lot. Or more specifically, just a little too much to still fit my yoga mat into was what my office/craft room/yoga studio.

I now had an office/animation studio. The craft cupboard was holding up a backdrop, and I no longer had chairs to sit at the sewing machine. My space was all work.