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Your yoga tights are made from what...?

Image credit Kaylee Garrett Unsplash

Did you know that fabric that stretches has plastic in it? Natural fibers have give, depending on which way they are sewn, but they won’t stretch and retract back to their original shape.

To get that great looking butt of yours into a pair of yoga tights, you’re probably wearing a lycra-polyester blend. It’s great they hold their shape the fabric draws sweat away from you - if you’ve ever worn non-wicking and worked up a sweat you’ll know this matters. What is less great is being plastic they’re essentially made from petrol.

Fear not, there are alternate options that are better for the planet.

If you’re trying to give up or reduce plastic for Plastic Free July here are some great alternates made from recycled materials.

Here are six of my favourite activewear brands that use recycled plastics in their yoga tights: