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Tired of trying to carry your mat under your arm, or never having your props to hand when you need them? With the Feelix Yoga Strap you’ll never have to worry again.

A modern take on the classic yoga belt, the 2-in-1 carry and stretch strap was designed by a yoga teacher to make it easier for you to get to practice and into your poses.

Our original design is tested and loved by yoga teachers and students alike.

Stretch - The strap supports you to get into the best possible version of every pose for your unique body and flexibility level. Made from ultra-strong satin webbing that is smooth against your skin.
Carry - Thread the strap through the patented wooden locking system to convert your strap to a versatile carry strap. With options to create a yoga sling, turn a backpack into a yoga mat carrier bag or attach your mat to a bike.

Bonus - Every strap comes with a free online class, digital stretches directory and lifetime warranty!


Locally handcrafted in limited numbers. Every strap is one-of-a-kind. Support small.

Feelix 2-in1 Strap

    • Wash strap on cold (remove lock first), line dry, do not iron.  
    • Dirty spots on the wooden lock can be removed with a pencil eraser.  Wood colour will soften with age.

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