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Cat Cow


Cat Pose (Marjaryasana) and Cow Pose (Bitilasana) are mostly used as a sequence done in time with the breath in yoga to warm up and bring flexibility to the spine.







How to do the Cat Pose Cow Pose Yoga Sequence

Cat/Cow can be done by:

1. Begin on the hands and knees in table top position.

2. Make sure the hands are underneath the shoulders and the knees are underneath the hips. Untuck the toes.

3. Drop the belly to lift the sitting bones and the gaze to the sky, inhale (cow pose).

4. Exhale, round the back like a cat, tuck the tailbone, tuck the chin, and lift the pit of the belly (cat pose).

5. Repeat with the breath.


If it is uncomfortable on the knees, pad up the knees by folding in the sides or back end of the yoga mat, or cushion the knees using a folded blanket.

This sequence of poses can also be done seated and standing.

Try lifting one leg and bend at the knee. Press the foot up towards the sky during this modified cow pose, then bring that leg’s knee in towards the chest during this modified cat pose.


Read the following cautions to stay safe:

• Do not do this pose if it is painful to kneel.

• Never push too far in a pose. Find your edge, but don’t move past it. You should feel the pose working in the body, but still be able to breathe deeply and find some ease in the pose.

• If you are concerned about anything with this pose, please consult a physician about whether this practice is good for you.

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