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Child Pose


The Child Pose, or Balasana, stretches the ankles, thighs, hips, spine, and shoulders. Relieving tension in the back and neck, and calming the nervous system.







How to do Child Pose Yoga

The Child Pose can be done by:

1. Begin by coming onto your hands and knees. From here bring your knees a bit wider than your hips, with your big toes touching.

2. Slowly lower the torso down and allow your belly to rest between your legs.

3. Drop the head down and let the forehead rest on the floor, releasing any tension from your face. Make sure the neck is neutral and without pressure on it.

4. Drop the hips down towards your heels, as you extend and lengthen your spine and fingertips forward.

5. You can either continue to lie with your arms out in front of you or bring your arms behind you with the hands next to your feet.

6. Stay in this position for at least five deep breaths, or maybe much longer, if that feels right for you.

7. If you are ready to come out of the pose, press your palms down and lift back up to your hands and knees.


• This position is all about getting rest in a comfortable and easy position. If you experience any discomfort, for example your forehead feels sore, or your ankles, please place a cushion underneath them, to make the position more comfortable.


Read the following cautions to stay safe:

• Keep the neck safe from injury by holding it in a neutral position.

• Do not perform this position if you have, or are recovering from, a knee injury.

• If you are pregnant, make sure the legs are far enough apart, so your belly does not get pressured by the legs.

• If there is any concern, please contact your physician on whether this practice is good for you.

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