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Easy Pose


Easy Pose, or Sukhasana, is sitting cross-legged. It is known as the seat of meditation, and is the only pose mentioned in Patanjali ancient text, the Yoga Sutras.







How to do Easy Pose Yoga

Easy Pose can be done by:

1. Begin by sitting down.

2. Cross one shin in front of the other.

3. Sit evenly on the sitting bones.

4. Lengthen the spine, with the crown of the head reaching up towards the sky.

5. Tuck the chin slightly so it’s on the same level or plane as the forehead.


• If the spine is rounded, or it is uncomfortable sitting in this pose, try sitting on the edge of a block, or on a cushion or a folded blanket to lift the hips. The knees can also be supported by sliding blocks, cushions or folded blankets underneath the upper thighs.


Read the following cautions to stay safe:

• Do not do this pose if you have hip or knee issues.

• Never push too far in a pose. Find your edge, but don’t move past it. You should feel the pose working in the body, but still be able to breathe deeply and find some ease in the pose.

• If you are concerned about anything with this pose, please consult a physician about whether this practice is good for you.

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