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Locally made in limited numbers. 


Circular Design

Our goal is to make quality products that will last a lifetime. We do this through careful selection of raw materials.

Where possible we use webbing off-cuts and end-of-roll unwanted by larger manufacturers, which would otherwise go to landfill.

Our Commitment



Local (Australian) materials are key to our sustainability principles. They have a lower carbon footprint due to shorter travel time. Provide local employment opportunities, promise safer working environment and fair work conditions for staff.

The patented design lock on our signature strap is made from sustainably forested plywood. Ply is a laminated wood that uses thin sheets bonded together with the grain in opposite directions providing additional strength and less waste. 

Products are handmade in limited numbers, your strap is one-of-a-kind. As part of a take-only-what-you-need philosophy. 

Designed to last, our straps have a guarantee on them for replacement or repair. 

All parcels are sent using Australia Post with carbon neutral delivery and are packaged in recycled materials that can be recycled again!

The office is powered with green power and plans are in place to secure BCorp status. 

Profits Re-invested



To reduce our reliance on new materials, we choose to invest profits into researching circular solutions for our products. This includes trying to find recycled material alternatives for our high-quality webbing.  

Recycling Program


As part of our commitment to reducing unnecessary waste. Tried and tested straps will be refurbished and re-sold, or made into new products, saving them from landfill. Shop our recycled line here.

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