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A yoga practice is often referred to as a journey. I wanted to create a destination on that journey by giving it a fixed address: 108 Yoga Road.

Why 108?

The number 108 is a symbolic number in yoga. You can find it as the number of beads on mala necklace which is used as a way to count while meditating. You can read more in our blog post here.

x Jen (founder).

three yogis practicing by the beach with their arms stretched overhead using a yoga strap


This journey stated with a simple task.
Getting a yoga mat to practice (safely). It has become an even bigger one.


To provide quality yoga resources, and to create ethical and sustainable products from recycled goods right here in Australia.
It’s a work in progress.

Social Responsibility

50% of our profits are re-invested into researching circular economy solutions.

two yoga friends laughing by the beach
three yoga friends laughing and walking with their yoga mats


On the surface it looks like a one woman show, a yogi with thousands of hours on the mat. In reality it’s a complex network of amazing yogis, crafts people, and local manufacturers that make this venture possible.


Our office is fossil-fuel free. We choose to use green energy suppliers.

Our banking and financial partners are chosen for their environmental values, commitments to diversity and inclusion.

We use recycled paper and card for printing and packaging. Which, we hope you'll recycle too.

You can read more about our commitment here.

yogi with yoga mat sitting on the beach boardwalk
cute yoga couple looking at each other


Yoga principles are at the very heart of all our decisions.


108 Yoga Road follows the yamas from Pantanjali’s eight limbs as our guiding principles.


108 Yoga Road is a female run, independent company. Founded by yogi, Jen Paynter.

Jen believes that products can and should be environmentally responsible, beautiful, well-made and functional. She also thinks the world would be a better place if more people did yoga.

yoga unify seal.png
108 Yoga Road founder Jen Paynter yogipreneaur
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