The Story

I spent years improvising, trying to find an easy way to carry a yoga mat on a bike. 

One of my more dangerous attempts included tying my mat to the handlebars which blocked access to the brakes...!

I realised there was a real need for a strap that didn't fall off your shoulder or under your arm so you can safely cycle. This is it. 

Jen Paynter, Founder Creator

Carrier Strap or Gym Bag?

Trying to decide between a carrier strap and a gym bag that fits a yoga mat?

Why not have one strap that allows you to do both and use a bag you already have? Convert your backpack into a yoga mat bag.

Whether you practice in a studio or on top of a mountain. Take your yoga mat with you. 

This Aussie invention will turn leaving your mat at the studio into a thing of the past. A carry strap and yoga belt (stretching strap) in one. 

Meet the Designer

designer and yogi Jen holding strap in shoulder stretch

Hi I'm Jen, I'm the designer, maker and creator behind 108 Yoga Road and Feelix Yoga Strap.

I started practising yoga in 2002 and in 2018 completed my teacher training. At first I wouldn't skip a week, now it's rare to go two days without time on the mat.

I love the push-pull of breath and movement and the feeling of space it creates in my mind and body.

It's also great fun to help people find a way out of their thoughts and back into their bodies. 

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