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5 Tricks to Help you Stick to your Yoga Goals this Year

So you’ve made the leap to commit to a regular yoga practice this year?

That is brilliant.

Only it’s now almost February and that discipline you were absolutely certain you had, hasn’t kicked in yet...

Just the same as the body searches for a shortcut or a way out every time chair pose (or insert one you don’t like if chair pose is a favourite - you weirdo <3) hits the 2 min mark. You’ll find yourself making excuses, or avoiding practice if you can’t make it easy and enjoyable, or associate the great feelings you get after class with the tedium of getting there.

BJ Fogg from Tiny Habits and Atomic Habits by James Clear have done all the heavy lifting on the research but basically motivation and good intentions alone won’t see you through. You need to create habits, and here’s the kicker, that are within your ability. That is, they need to be easy habits that are realistic to your actual life.

Not the imaginary life. Where everything is under control, life, house, job, partner, all your socks match and you make your condiments from scratch without sugar. The people that have all that going on aren’t the ones that need yoga. Yoga is the tool for the messy brains with a million ideas that don’t stop thinking.