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Wanderlust Beginnings

This weekend Wanderlust is going online. Here’s how they’ve shaped the Feelix Yoga Strap journey...

Back in 2019 before the world went quiet, I brought along a couple of handcrafted yoga straps to the Wanderlust festival in Melbourne. It was a grim day with cold winds and threatening rain hanging over the morning.

Only the keenest of yogis attended, I layered up, grabbed a chai and added string lights fully expecting my little stall to be to be in dark with storms by lunch.

Table with display stand showing yoga mat and Feelix Yoga Strap carry strap

In the days leading up to the festival I took a couple of days off work and was madly learning how to use Illustrator and program the ‘carvey’ cnc machine at the local maker space where I had some small bits of 7mm plywood and an idea.

A vinyasa flow can give your body strength but it was the meditation I was calling on to not completely freak out when I didn’t put the drill bit in correctly and found the cutter had wandered off course… and started tearing up the safety board!!

cnc base board with engravings